I can't help myself.

So, I'm gluten free now. Most friends and family know this by now, but it still seems like I don't quite get the point. I know that eating gluten makes me feel foggy and like crap but I still let things go. It is hard, living in two places. I think I use that as an excuse sometimes. Like, my life is hard, I'm away from my husband, I can make an allowance for myself this one time. Except it's four times a day now.

Which obviously doesn't help the way I feel. I really don't need to let myself do that anymore.

I just had some sourdough rye bread. See, I don't listen. You know, maybe subconsciously I think gluten really isn't that bad for me because I wasn't positive on my blood test. I know that I feel better when I'm off of the wheat, but since my blood test was negative I think I can get away with it because it's "not that bad".

Yeah right. Tell that to my body.

So, getting to the point, I'm really nervous about Thanksgiving this year. J's family doesn't have acknowledged food allergies and is unbelievably southern, meaning Paula "the more butter the better" Deen food will be aflowin'. Not to mention the stuffing, pies, rolls, gravy (I love gravy!), etc. Okay, I'm allergic to milk too. So this is going to be interesting, to say the least. My mom has offered to bring a couple dishes that I can eat, but I don't want his family to be offended. I've really tried to not make a fuss about the culinary differences between our families, (and those are VAST, believe me) but this year seems different.

Oy vey. Sometimes I wish I knew yiddish. I think it would help me express myself more thoroughly.

On another note, I love, love, LOVE my dog. She is so freakin' cute. What's that? You want to see what she looks like? Well, all right then.

She is adorable. This was a few months ago, but she's still just as adorable. I let her on the bed. And lick the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. And on the couch to snuggle. J says not to do any of these things because he thinks it will spoil her. It just makes me love her more than I already do.

We had friends over to our house for the first time last night. We've had people over, but not for anything other than dinner. This was just plain fun, as in board game night. My fave! Here's the new game we played:

It was SO MUCH FUN! Let me tell you, if you love weird games that make you laugh your heart out, you'll love this one! We stayed up till two in the morning we were having so much fun. Well, we played Trivial Pursuit too (that win was stolen from us, I tell you! Stolen!). 

AND! It's almost Christmas. I don't know about you, but if I'm able to hold off on the Christmas music until Halloween I'm proud of myself. Didn't quite make it this year. I started in September. I just could not help myself. And since I can't help myself, here's a picture of what I wish my christmas could look like.
I want to live in a Dr. Seuss book. Or Madeline. I haven't quite decided yet.


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