Save the Dates!

The save the dates are finally out! We tried for three days to get the address list to match with the clear print labels and we were up a tree, so Yours Truly hand-addressed every. single. one. Whew. My hand feels like it's run a marathon!

The picture that we took was on the beach in Carlsbad, California, when we were there for new years with my family. That place is so gorgeous and we had some amazing food! (We all know that's what vacations are all about anyway!)

We had such a wonderful time with everyone and enjoyed the sand between our toes and squishy sea slugs between our fingers! (we went tide pooling almost every night and found many a-sea slug, HUGE starfish, anemones, and a baby octopus, which was really cool!)

So, happy week, everybody. Hope you enjoyed the picture.



Engagement Announcement!

Ha! Our engagement announcement is in the paper today! Yipee! 

So, it finally feels real, like it's actually happening. It's not just "let's get those stun guns out and pick out some nice stuff," but "Oh my gosh, we've got an apartment, and a bed, and a lamp and we're gonna hafta pay bills on our own soon!"

....sooo, maybe this wasn't what we were looking forward to when we got engaged. Let's just stick to the nice stuff. lol. 

I tried to find a link on the newspaper site to the article, but it didn't happen. Oh well. Up next post: the Save the Dates!