DIY-ing it

So, now that we have someone doing our wedding invites for us, I am regretting it. Today I went to Hobby Lobby (the mother ship) and I decided I was going to make my grad announcements/party invites. I buy an heat embosser thingy (whatever it's called...), stamps, cards, vellum envelopes, embossing powder, and a calligraphy pen. Sheesh, I've gone crazy! But after playing around for a while with all my fun new toys, I love DIY! If only I had a Gocco I do my own invites! 

And then I go to weddingbee (I'm addicted, I know) and see a post by Miss Tiramisu about making her invites for....drum roll please...$2.70 each. Ouch. I have a sick feeling that is not what I'm going to be paying per invite. I am officially regretting my professional invite decision. And you know the biggest bummer?? I think I could do it better. I have access to awesome paper, I don't have terrible art skills; As long as I've got a Gocco, it could be brilliant! 

Alas, we shall have to endure the prof job. But, hehehe, I will be doing my STD's and everything else I can by hand! 

Onward, Captain DIY! To the embosser ship!


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