yes, yes, yes. I know it's October. I also know that it's time to start the Christmas music!

You see, John and I try really hard to not listen to christmas music 12 months out of the year. We. love. Christmas. Everything about it; the warm fuzzies one feels, the family, the good food, the stockings, the (only) time where everyone comes together and we can count on carols, our christmas eve feast, placing baby Jesus in his little raffia manger, the snow (at least sometimes in Arkansas), the travel, and presents! So we usually can squeeze it until october, and it's all downhill from here.

When John proposed (we'll get to that story in another post) he gave me a beautiful ornament as an engagement gift, so that we would have the first ornament to go on our tree when we get married. It was such a wonderful gesture, especially because of how much christmas means to us. 

So! Everyone: start your CD/XM/SIRIUS players and set to full speed christmastime!

christmas love,

Mr & Miss Christmas Tree

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