A little History...

I think it's time to let the blogospere know a little more about me. I like lists, so we'll do that sort of format.

-I am a California transplant to the fairly deep south
-I am in graduate school for School Psychology
-I live away from my husband because our schools are in different cities that are quite far away from each other.
-my favorite time of year is Christmas, but my favorite season is fall
-I love ice storms because when the power goes out and we have to cook on the campfire stove it feels like such an adventure!
-I love love love the beach.
-I play the cello and have been an Orchestra since high school
-I lived in Washington, DC on my own when I was 16
-the first time I talked to my husband I went home and told my mother I was never going to even date him because "all he could talk about was cars!" (look where that ended up...)
-I love Thai food more than any other (and it's naturally gluten and milk free! Woo hoo!)
-My favorite animated movies are Tim Burton and I LOVE THE MUPPETS!!!

Okay, that's good for now. Happy day!

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